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    Tableau - Extract report

    Shikha Sen



      We have created a monthly report. this report is an extract report. we are refreshing and saving as a new report so we will have all month extract as monthly snap shot. but when we are opening last month report for current month extract, it ask for database connection (Custom query warning ) and when I click on YES, it will open as blank report (last month same report was having data) and now when i click on data source and it extract the query and update report with current data. so now, I lost the last month (data) report. and now when i saved this report and open it next month same thing again happen and i lost the previous month report (data).


      I checked carefully my data source connect is EXTRACT only.


      So in this way I am not able to keep history of my report. can someone help me if I did any thing wrong while set up DATA source connection as EXTRACT. or do I have to change any setting in extract data connection.


      Please let me know if more detail is needed or my issue is not clear.

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          It sounds like the workbook for last month doesn't contain the extract.


          Can it be confirmed that:


          1. The data source is being extracted before saving the workbook as a .twbx?


          2. Does the custom SQL specify using the current month? It is possible the custom SQL may need to be removed so that the previous month workbook does not display blank.

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            Shikha Sen

            Cor Bader


            Thank you Cor for responding.


            To confirm : -

            1.  Yes in my case data in being extracted before saving the workbook (.twbx) - Ideally it should not, I am not sure if there is any way to change extract configuration.


            FYI more detail - When I open this report (previous month report) its display as blank report (Ideally it should display previous month data - Not sure why its happening - do I need to change any extract setting, please suggest).


            2. Yes, custom SQL is having one filter as - Month of date_field (coming from source data) - month of current_date). That mean this report always extract previous month data (which is the requirement). but after extract from CUSTOM SQL - will not impact data as this time report should extract data from .tde file. so as per my understanding CUSTOM SQL will not be cause for this data update before saving the report. Could you please elaborate more to understand me what are other possibility of the impact of CUSTOM SQL.

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              Can you verify the underlying data is correct by clicking on the icon shown in the attached screenshot?

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                Shikha Sen

                Cor Bader


                Could not find the screenshot, can you please share again or email to shikha.sen0109@gmail.com.

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                  It is under my message as an attachment.

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                    Shikha Sen

                    Cor Bader


                    Yes, Underline data is correct. (happy), but now I do not understand why this underlying data is not reflecting in report. report is coming as blank.and if I click on DATA SOURCE tab then it ask me to connect to database and after that updating underlying data. I need to to maintain my report history (previous month reports). so this is the issue (I losing my history report). if report is having (.tde - underline data) it should display in the report without asking to connect database.please suggest what EXTRACT configuration need to change.

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                      Well that is good to hear.


                      The report is likely blank because the data is being filtered out some how.


                      Have you double checked every field being applied on the filter shelf?


                      I would start by removing each filter to see how the view changes.

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                        Shikha Sen

                        Cor Bader


                        Yes its working now. Thank you Cor. Appreciate you help and quick response. Thank you so much.


                        We need one more help - We would like to schedule this report in Tableau Server on monthly basis. but we would like to maintain the history as well.

                        Like if this is possible we can schedule this report and save a copy as well for previous month reports (Automatically - without manual publish) , so at the end, We will have all history report in designated place (Project folder), and business user can view every month report with history reports, how do i configured this tableau server : -






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                          Awesome!  I'm glad to hear it's working.


                          I do not think there is a way to automatically publish in this way. At least not with out having some hang ups.


                          You could create a new extract with out the custom sql, and use a data source filter to select the desired months for extraction.  The extract could be published to Tableau Server and scheduled for a refresh.  One workbook would then point to the published extract and a month filter can be selected for the view.


                          The above solution however has the chance of the extract getting really large to the point it could effect performance.  I alway recommend 'hide unused fields' when extracting for a workbook to help with performance.

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                            Shikha Sen

                            Cor Bader


                            I wish i could do that but requirement is different - History is also changing, which we need to track by previous months reports and current month report. So we can not do this.Yes - Agree it will impact the performance because all history data.


                            so the conclusion is - Tableau does not allow us to publish a workbook and then schedule refreshing every month and every time save a new copy of workbook with current month of data. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

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                              Tableau will not automatically create a new workbook based on underlying data changes.  The process will need to be manually done each month.


                              The above can be suggested in the idea's forum here: Ideas


                              By suggesting the idea, it's possible other people may have other workarounds to offer that I have not considered.

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                                Shikha Sen

                                ok, I will publish an idea. Thank you Cor for your suggestion and help.