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    Create workbook automatically

    Mallikarjun Rachamallu

      Hi Team,




      Here is my requirement.

      1. Create a workbook with 3 to 4 sheets using Parameters (StudentId, start date & end date etc...)

      2. Publish the workbook

      3. By using published workbook, I would like to create multiple workbooks for multiple students. Basically one workbook for one student.

      4. Also need to export the workbook into Word document.

      5. The process should run every week.


      Could you please suggest me how to proceed for this requirement.




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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Mallikarjun,


          Tableau doesn't auto create a workbook from another workbook in any scenario I have seen.


          Rather than a list of requirements, I suggest sharing the overall goal of the project you are working on as it will likely yield better suggestions than trying to fulfill requirements which may not be possible or be the best solution.  For instance, it may be possible with Tableau online or server to have unique views per student rather than everyone having their own workbook and then the students would just be interacting with a web site. I often see users sharing requirements lately and personally I find that it isn't as helpful as describing what you are trying to use Tableau to do.  What is the problem that is being overcome?   Just my thoughts but I hope it helps.