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    Comparison of Dates in Different Datasource

    Jonathan Velarde

      Good day!


      Hi Guys,

      Asking for help for my report,

      What I want to do is to display the Week No. from a different datasource.

      My main date to compare is my transaction period, which will be compared from the other datasource that have Date From and Date To.

      Please check sample data.


      If the transaction Period fall between the Date From and Date To, I will get the value of Week No.


      Transaction Date is 01/02/15 - This fall on the 1st row. which value of Week No is 1501.

      Transaction Date is 01/05/15 - This fall on the 2nd row. which value of Week No is 1502.



      I tried creating a calculated field, but I get an error that is not valid.

      "Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate arguments with this function"



      Hoping for some help on this.


      Thanks and God Bless,

      Jonathan B. Velarde