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    High Availability in Tableau

    pardeep kumar

      Hi ,


      This is regarding the query  related with High availability feature of tableau, according to our requirement.


      According to our requirement, floating IP would be attached to the active system.


      We need to have Tableau server configured in High-Availability model.

      There would be two windows machines with Tableau server running at both of them in Active/Standby configuration i.e. if one would goes down other will be up. Both systems will be configured with same Floating IP address. Floating IP address will be attached only on Active windows machine.

      Users would have the visibility of single tableau server and they will login to active tableau server via floating IP address.


      Both Active and Standby Tableau servers are attached with shared SAN storage, Shared data can have the Tableau repository like user profiles, tableau dashboards, data extracts etc.


      We will use "Veritas Cluster"( installed on the node on which tableau installed) which will spawn/health-monitor/switchover the Tableau process and attach floating IP address

      Please refer below figure to clear the need:




      So, our query is whether we could achieve high availability in this way i.e. using two node, shared data  stored at common disk, failover handled by Veritas cluster HA agent.

      Please let us know if it is possible and steps to achieve the same. Please share your recommended steps to configure the same.

      In case it is not possible, please let us know the kind of HA deployment Tableau supports and steps for the same.