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    Newbie: How to see cross product holdings when each product holding represents a new row

    Peter Reynolds



      I'm trying to see customers' cross product holdings.  That is, I'd like to know, of the customers who hold Product 1, how many also hold Product 2 or product 3.

      In my data each product holding represents a new record and is linked to the customer via a Customer ID. Simplified example below


      Customer          Product

      1001                     Prod1

      1001                     Prod2

      1001                     Prod3

      1002                     Prod1

      1003                     Prod2

      1004                     Prod3


      When I do a crosstab of Product against itself with CNT(Customer) as the measure I get a result that looks like this


      What I need it to look like is this


      Customer 1001 holds Prod1, Prod2 and Prod3.  Therefore, in the column for Prod1 there should be a 2 in the Prod1 row (Customers 1001 and 1002) and 1 in the rows for Prod2 and Prod3 (both customer 1001).  However, Tableau appears to view records 1, 2 and 3 as separate customers.  How do I get it to recognise them as the same customer?


      Thanks for any help offered.