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    Using Different Time Periods on One Graph

    Lynsey Stoick

      Hello all,


      I am creating a chart that needs to combine 2013, 2014, 2015, and YTD 2016. For 2013-2015, those need to be broken out by year, but for YTD 2016 those need to be broken out by month. I would like to continue these all on the same line, meaning going straight from 2015 right into January of 2016. Please let me know if this is possible, thank you!

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          Nicholas Hara

          Hi Lynsey!


          The community is not super great at answering questions like these without a sample packaged workbook to help us understand where you got stuck.


          It seems, from the description, that you can easily replicate your current view using the sample superstore data set.


          Without a workbook in front of me, I can only make an educated guess, but it seems that you want to create a calculated field similar to the following:


          IF DATETRUNC('year',[Order Date])<DATETRUNC('year',TODAY()) THEN DATETRUNC('year',[Order Date])

          ELSE DATETRUNC('month',[Order Date]) END


          Year and then Month.png


          Hope this helps!