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    Traffic through a location on map

    Ben Hartwell

      Hi, novice user here.


      I'm wondering how to show traffic both into and out of a particular location simultaneously in a map/path shelf viz.


      I recently created a map showing movement of teachers between schools in a large urban district--think "dance of the lemons" but less depressing--I'd share but its internal.


      I'm hoping to add some usability to the viz, allowing someone to pick a school (via filter or parameter) and see "traffic" into and out of the school simultaneously, preferably in different colors (i.e. what schools are they losing people to, what schools are they getting people from), but I can only get it to display either the "to" or the "from" for a given location, not both.




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          Naveen Agarwal

          Are you able to attach dummy data and/or the view you are looking for?


          Just a few ideas....


          You could create two Measures - "inflow" and "outflow" at the School level.


          You may also need to create two Dimensions - "inflow from" and "inflow to" - these would be school Ids to link to the "inflow" and "outflow" measures at the school level.


          Then you should be able to show both at the same time.