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    Dynamic message based on User Authentication

    Ramprakash Narayanan

      I have implemented user filters by following the steps of method 1 @ - User Filters and Row Level Security | Tableau Software.

      The field which I chose for filtering displays all values irrespective of the user filter.

      Lets  say the Users are mapped as shown below


      User1  ->   Value1, Value3, Value6

      User2  ->   Value2, Value4, Value5

      Admin ->   All Values


      When User1 tries to access the dashboard based on the action filter on the Values column, He can chose any one of the Values 1 to 6 instead of restricting him to only values 1,3 & 6


      My dashboard requirement also demands this sort of an action filter only, But I want to display an error message whenever User1 tries to access the values whichever he is not assigned to.


      Kindly help me in displaying this dynamic message which should display only when user tries to access the fields which he is not authenticated.