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    How to track/monitor data issues/usage in Tableau 9.3



      I'm working on new development and few asks came from my user which i haven't thought about till now. But I think it makes a valid discussion.


      If there is a drop in the metrics any day, is there a way that we can track/monitor it from the report to let us know somehow there is a dip in the data today..I mean some kind of "ALERT".


      Just as an example...the report is refreshing everyday , for few past days it ran fine and the numbers look great. But let's say today() it ran and there is a dip in the records which no one tracking until they saw it...Is there a way from the Tableau Desktop/Server level or some other way I'll know there is a dip in the data..so that we can let the application team know proactively.


      We had a situation where there is downtime for the application and until some one told us we didn't know.  But my thought is how to find that proactively.


      Please share me your thoughts/suggestions.

      I'm writing this from what I understood. If I'm not making sense please let me know I'll try to give a better example.


      Thank you!