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    create a summary column with percentile

    Keith Lee

      Hi all,


      I would like to create a table with percentile values of each column. End result would look like


                                  X     Y     Z

      5% Percentile     0.1  0.3  0.5

      10% Percentile   0.7  0.9  3.5

      15% Percentile   0.9  1.1  7.5


      and so on. all the way to 100% Percentile. X, Y, Z can be sth like Sales, Revenue, etc etc

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          Create custom calculated fields called, "5% Percentile", "10% Percentile, "15% Percentile, etc.

          Use the following formula for each calculated field:

          PERCENTILE(<measure>, <percent>)


          So for "5% Percentile, your calculation may look like this...

          PERCENTILE([Sales], .5)


          Next, place your "X,Y,Z" dimension on Columns, Measure Names on Rows, and Measure Values on Text on the Marks Card.

          Add only the custom Percentile calculations to the Measure Values card.