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    Highlight (less transparency) most recent data

    Diogo Braga

      I have the following visual on a dashboard. The data is updated 3x a year (Fall, Winter, Spring). I would like to highlight the most recent update, ideally with brighter colors. In the example provided, the Spring results shown (most recent) in the green (66%) and red (34%) would be brighter (less transparency) Any suggestions on how I can achieve that with Tableau?



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          Tom W

          You could introduce a second element into your color.

          I.e. create a calculated field called 'CurrentPeriod' as IF [Season] = 'Spring' then 'Current Period' else 'Previous Periods' END


          Drag that onto the detail button on the marks card, then hover over the blank space on the left of the blue pill you've just added, click the dropdown arrow which appears and select color.

          You'll then be able to apply a color to the 'Current Period' and 'Previous Periods' versions of your dimensions.


          See an attached example based on the Superstore data.

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