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    I have a start time and an end time.  How do I count every hour in between?

    Jason Hopkins

      I am in IT and I need to report out to management some summary license usage.  Our license reporting tool offers a summary (what I am looking for) and individual activity (every log in and log out).  We recently merged our licensing with another group so the summary data that is provided by the application is no longer a true representation of our business unit.  The license reporting application doesn't allow for filters on their built in summary and there is no underlaying data made available.


      What I do have is the license activity and every login and logout.  This gives me the start time and end time for every license that has been checked out.  What I would like to do is create my own summary but I am not really sure how to go about this.


      My data has rows that look like this: Feature, Username, Start Time, End Time, plus a couple other fields that I plan to use for something else.  Is this enough data to develop something inside of Tableau that would allow me to count a license being checked out every hour during the range between start and end?  I would like to offer management the ability to look at the data either hourly or daily with maxed checked out licenses at any one point.


      I appreciate any help that I get.