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    First Page Reload Time

    Nikhil Malpani



      I am opening my tool which has a data of 8 GB size and it has 30 sheets in it. The data has been created in extract and loaded in tool. Whenever I am opening the tool, the first page that I open in the tool is taking around 30 seconds to load. However, other pages are taking only 7-8 seconds. Is this time fine as my understanding is the data is being loaded for the first time when I open the tool and that is making it longer to open the tool. Please correct me if I am wrong.


      P.S. The tool is being opened on server and the size of the tool is 172 MB.

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          There's some amount of work required for initial workbook load like workbooks parsing, sheet loading, datasource loading etc. After that default sheet will render which will issue initial set of queries against an extract - at this point some data will be cached and most of "generic" work will be finished so subsequent navigation between sheets is faster.


          So when you say "data is being loaded for the first time" you are only partially correct.