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    A few quality of life improvement for the 2.0 simulator

    Brendan Lee

      Hey WDC Developers,


      I wanted to call out a few quality of life improvements that were recently added to the WDC simulator! These should hopefully make developing WDCs in the simulator a bit more enjoyable. 


      *Important* To be clear, both of these changes are for the 2.0 simulator - the simulator used to test v2 WDCs, which can be used in the upcoming Tableau 10 release.  These features are not in version 1 of the simulator.  These changes currently exist in the dev branch of our WDC repository. 




      Select your recently used URLs:

      Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 10.45.56 AM.png

      One pain point with the simulator was that you would often need to retype the address of the WDC you were trying to test (or use the src url param trick).


      We recently added a feature that will keep track of the URLs you recently tested in the simulator.  This is cookie based and will persist across different browser sessions.  This list comes pre populated with the dev samples from the SDK, but will change based on the connectors you load.


      In addition, the "Connector URL" field will always be loaded with the last URL you used (instead of the default sample), so you should rarely need to type in URLs.



      No more caching!

      Have you ever gotten really frustrated when you are building a WDC because you would make a change to your code, and the simulator would keep hitting a cached version of your code? You’d have to consistently remember to hard refresh your browser or clear the cache in order to guarantee you were testing the latest version of your code. 


      You can check out the details on the fix here: caching fix.



      If you have any feedback or questions let me know!



      WDC PM