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    Vizable 1.5 Is Now Available on the iPhone!

    Vizable Admin

      Explore Data on the Go.pngBy Rick Pasetto, Senior Software Engineer


      You can now tuck Vizable in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. That’s because Vizable 1.5 is now available on the iPhone!


      Download Vizable 1.5 on the App Store


      Vizable for the iPhone has been a top user request, and we’re happy to share the app is now available for all your iOS devices.


      This is a huge improvement for data explorers everywhere. Our designers have taken extra care to tailor Vizable for a smaller-screen experience that retains the same analytical power and intuitive gestures you’ve learned to love on the iPad.


      I am especially excited to have faster and easier access to my bicycling data.


      I use an iOS app called Cyclemeter as my bike computer. That means I have my iPhone attached to my bike, showing me things like speed, distance, ascent, and pedal rate. The application tracks this information over time and keeps a database of all of my routes. I also happen to use it for running, hiking, and other fitness activities.


      Since the iPhone is a great device for data-tracking apps like Cyclemeter, having Vizable on the iPhone makes analyzing that data that much easier. To export my data to Vizable on my phone, I simply choose in Cyclemeter Open In > Export > Copy to Vizable.




      Then, voilà:




      With Vizable 1.5, I can look at my data on the go, share with others, and explore further using all the features of Vizable—all from my iPhone.


      I can even share this visualization with others who have the iPad version (which now looks better in Split View):



      This works because Cyclemeter happens to have an export function. I also export data from Mint (in Safari), my weather station application (NetAtmo), and my power company, PG&E (to track my energy usage). 


      Know of any other iOS apps on your phone that can export to CSV or XLS? Let us know in the Vizable Community! And tell us how you’re using Vizable 1.5.

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          Andy Kriebel

          Love that there is now an iPhone app, but it rarely ever opens a files that I have on Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. Is there some trick? Seems mighty buggy. Also, dates aren't recognized. Even if I am in Drive and choose to export as XLS to Vizable, it won't open. I get a message every time that says "Unable to open file".

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            Trina Chiasson

            Hi Andy,


            So sorry to hear about the troubles, here! Currently, Vizable supports .xls, .xlsx, and .csv files. Google Sheets aren't yet supported, but an Excel file saved in Google Drive should be okay.


            The size and format of the data also matters. Dates are tricky, as there are more than 700 different date formats in the wild. Vizable recognizes a lot of date formats, but not all of them.


            If you could send a sample of your data to vizable.feedback at tableau.com, we'd be happy to take a look and see if we can figure out what's going on.


            Hope this helps a bit!



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              Andy Kriebel

              Thanks Trina. If I have a google sheet open and choose to export as excel to vizable it doesn't work. 

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                Andy Kriebel

                Also, I would expect something with a standard date format of mm/DD/yyyy to work. 

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                  Trina Chiasson

                  Ah, thanks for the extra detail!


                  When you open the Google Sheets app and view your sheets in a list view, you can tap the set of three vertical dots to the right of each sheet title to open the options. One of those options is to "Save as Excel (.xlsx)." Once you've saved your sheet as an .xlsx and the new file appears in your Google Sheets list, you can tap the options to "Send a Copy," and then select "Copy to Vizable."


                  I would personally love to have a direct Google Sheets connection to Vizable, which would make the process easier. For now there are a couple of extra steps involved. Hope this helps, and I'm sorry for any confusion here.


                  As for the dates, mm/DD/yyyy is a supported format so I'm not sure why it's not being recognized correctly. If you want to send us your data set, we can take a look to see if we can figure out what's happening there. For more tips on formatting and importing data, check out Import Your Data.

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                    Andy Kriebel

                    Really stinks to have to save something as Excel before opening it in Vizable. This destroys the idea of using Vizable to analyse quantified self data that’s logged through IFTTT. Surely a Google Sheets connector is somewhere on the horizon?  It’s a huge miss, especially when you advertise Vizable as connecting to Google Drive. It’s pretty misleading.