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    Cross product usage

    Bhavin Gandecha



      If i have 30 products, i wish to know how do I find out how many users using product 01 are also using product 05, 06,16 etc.


      My data is formatted in database table as given below:



      2016-Jun-3002 0:00pa
      2016-Jun-2905 23:59di
      2016-Jun-2905 23:59Im
      2016-Jun-2901 23:59av
      2016-Jun-2903 23:59pa
      2016-Jun-2905 23:59


      2016-Jun-2904 23:59pa
      2016-Jun-2901 23:59us
      2016-Jun-2916 23:59ts
      2016-Jun-2901 23:59


      2016-Jun-2916 23:59da
      2016-Jun-2905 23:59sa
      2016-Jun-2901 23:59YO
      2016-Jun-2901 23:59Su
      2016-Jun-2901 23:59Mi
      2016-Jun-2905 23:59sn
      2016-Jun-2905 23:59sn
      2016-Jun-2901 23:59ma
      2016-Jun-2907 23:59tri
      2016-Jun-2905 23:59ro
      2016-Jun-2901 23:59ha
      2016-Jun-2901 23:59mu