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    Server is altering a simple Viz, not sure why

    Paul S Vigil



      Hopefully I am in the right place to ask this question.  I'm fairly handy with Tableau but am encountering an issue when I upload a workbook to tableau.


      To make my issue simple, I have a table that is showing total dividends issued by a company as well as total net income that company generated on a quarter by quarter basis. In Tableau, I am creating a calculated field that is generating a ratio of dividends to net income, but since the denominator can be negative and thus make a really weird ratio, I am doing this as an IF THEN statement, where part of the code says IF DIV >0 and NET INCOME <=1 THEN DIV/1 for this ratio i want, and if not then just do DIV/NET INCOME.  So I do this, everything is fine and exactly the way I want in the desktop version. Any companies with negative net income their ratio is really large and displayed as a positive value (which I want).


      But when I publish to server, the companies that paid dividends but reported negative net income, the bar for just those companies disappears from my viz (or rather its extremely tiny and i have to click basically at 0.0 to see the Tooltip).  Oddly, because I have the companies sorted in descending order by this ratio, the firms with the highest ratio (which are usually the ones who paid out but lost money) they remain at the top of my sort, but just the bar is disappeared. 


      Other than that everything else in Server seems fine, but I am really hoping there is something I can do to resolve this?  Maybe I should do the calculation for the ratio prior to importing the dataset into Tableau desktop, would that help?