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    Design Advice on Workforce Analysis


      I am currently working on a project at work to show the workforce structure.  See the published report below:

      | Tableau Public


      Does anyone have advice on how to better represent the data?  I am at a loss for a better way, and I HATE the amount of pie charts on this report.  I am unable to find other data visualizations online that represent the type of data I am working with,


      Also, once you use the pie charts to drill down, I have a dashboard action in my real report that will take you to a text table showing which employees exist under the filters selected.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Howdy Thomas,


          I'd probably switch to horizontal bar chart's with the sort on the measure for each.  Like below..  However, this too suffers from too much information in too small of a space.  Would it make sense to show just the top X or instead to dig down do another dashboard when a selection is made on screen?  If this was multi page view it would more easily allow the digging down through each level of employee.  One other thought is to change up your actions so that the next level is not shown until the previous level has a selected value.  So select on Raleigh, then select Wyatt, then select Shae, etc...  to see each level as they are selected on a single dashboard. 


          Anyway - a bar cahrg with values is much better than a pie chart.



          i hope that helps.