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    how to create one measure sourced at different levels of aggregation

    Geoff Coles

      Hi... I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to configure a measure in tableau that is sourced from a fact table that contains the same measure at different grains of aggregation. For example.... the measure sales is at the week level and the month level in the fact table. There is no option to request more granular data and then roll up. Also... the week sales measure values are only valid at the week level and cannot be aggregated. On the other hand...The month level sales data can be aggregated.

      Any ideas?


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          Steve Burger

          Hi Geoff,

          Welcome to the community forums. For a question such as yours, you might get faster/more response if you could post a sample packaged workbook (TWBX file), so that other community users could see what you are trying to do, and take a stab at it.  In return, they will post their responses with a workbook.


          I would think a Level of Detail calculation might work, such as {FIXED [Week of Order Date] : SUM(Sales)}


          But, you mention that week level data cannot be aggregated? Not sure I understand, but better to work from the lowest level of granularity upwards.


          Post up and we can all take a look at it.


          Best Regards,

          Steve Burger


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