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    Problem with finishing my Sunburst Chart

    Rohit Iyer


           I am working on creating a sunburst chart for my Tableau Data set.

      * The requirement is that the individual sections of the pie need to overlap for each year. Also, we want it for each section of the pie to increase based on total no. of Zetabytes (ZB)

      * The problem is that the Avg Data bytes (ZB) is not averaging out to 93. We want it to be distinct. (Please see my Tableau file attached named "Data Increases")

      I've also attached the Data set excel file named "Sunburst Data(1)" which I'm using for my Tableau file.

      Also attached is the Bill Murray tableau file which outlines a sample Sunburst (File name: "Bill Murray V2")


      If someone can please help me with the issue I'm facing, that'll be great. Thanks so much!


      - Rohit

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Rohit,


          If you take the sample provided and select the field "X" from the Columns and then select "Show Header" from the drop down menu.  You will notice that this is how the the sunburst chart is being created..  whoever produced this thought carefully about creating this non traditional Tableau view and added in data fields to accommodate the building of the view.  Comparing this data to your own sample data (thank you very much), you will see that similar fields do not exist. 


          It might help to credit the author of the example here and then see via the mention capability of the community if that person might provide more instructions for creating a sunburst from your data. 


          I also wanted to point out that the example provided does NOT have overlapping pie slices..  Each slice is unique and sized according to the value Avg(Box Office (Mojo))


          I looked it up on Public though and see it was created by Adam McCann.  Maybe Adam will jump in here with a few thoughts and help on how others can build such an amazing advanced viz.