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    Need help

    Rock Rocker

      In data I have a date field which is fis cal year category  and subcategory level . I need ty YTD , ly YTD and goly% and ty MTD, ly MTD and goly% calculation. How to do that please help.

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          Joe Oppelt

          This is going to be a tough thread, I think.


          Given what you asked, it almost sounds like you want someone to create all that for you.  Calculations are often application-specific.  So there is no magic formula someone can post here.  Each one of them will need to be written and implemented in the context of your data and workbook.


          So the first thing you really should do is upload a workbook so that whoever helps you out with this has something concrete to work with.

          And the abbreviations ... ly?  goly?  I would need to understand your lexicon here.


          I don't mind talking a look and making recommendations, but if this is going to turn into me doing your programming, I'll suggest you get consulting help.

          So start by uploading a workbook.  (and let me know what tableau version you're on.)