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    sanchari bose

      Hi All,


      I have a VIZ with multilple dashboards. I have connected these dashboards via multiple actions. I have also created breadcrumbs whcih are nothing but sheets carrying the filtered value from the source sheets through actions.

      My 1st dashboard is the source for multiple flows through which you can reach to the last dashboard.

      Issue: I can make the breadcrumbs clickable by actions and filter actions only, which will take you to its source sheet. problem is, due to multiple flows, there is no way to determine the source for each breadcrumb.

      Question: Is there any way to read the source sheet on which the action has been applied? if this can be done, then i can make the breadcrumbs dynamic.


      The flow for which I have made the crumbs is:

      Region (select Europe)--->Country (Select Austria)---->Prediction (select TV)-----> Prediction Media -------|| Here the sequence I AM NOT ABLE to make DYNAMIC

      1. Clicking on TV takes you back to Prediction dashboard

      2. Clicking on Austria takes you back to Country dashboard

      3. Clicking on Europetakes you back to Region dashboard


      Another Posibility is:-

      Region (select TV)--->Region Media (Select Europe)---->Country Media (select Austria)-----> Prediction Media -------|| Here the sequence I AM NOT ABLE to make DYNAMIC

      Here as the source sheets for the same bread cumbs have changed from Country to Country Media, I am not able to set the action to direct the filter to the Country Media sheet instead of Country DYNAMICALLY.


      I have attached the packaged workbook. Any kind of help will be helpful.


      ** I had to delete all data from the VIZ as the data is sensitive. I have only kept my breadcrumbs for help.

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          Amber Loranger

          Hi Sanchari,

          I've taken a look at your post and workbook, but I'm not quite able to suss out the difference between the current behavior and the intended behavior. If you can describe the flow you would like to see, it would be easier for me to make a recommendation.