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    Assistance requested with tableau online class (not-for-credit) calculation lesson

    Teresal Lecus


      I am brand-new to tableau and have a problem.

      I am taking an online class. We are just starting on Calculations. I created a Case Calculation to identify “States We Are Interested In” (see below).

      CASE [Work State] WHEN 'OH'

      THEN 'View'

      WHEN 'MI'

      THEN 'View'

      WHEN 'NC'

      THEN 'View'

      ELSE 'Don''t View'


      “States We Are Interested In” appears in my dimensions with an “=” before it so I am assuming I did it correctly. 


      When I attempted to create my chart, I used “Pay Wage Per Year (median)” as my measure/rows and “Job Title Subgroup” as my dimension/columns. I placed “States I am interested in” in the filter, as directed.

      Under the general tab, the course example indicates that I should have “View” and “Don’t View” options. Once I click “View”, my selection should read, “Selected: One of Two Values. I only have access to the “Don’t View” box and cannot generate a report using (or not using) it. A screen shot follows…Please point me in the right direction. 


      Thank you for your help 

      My screen shot ...

      Screen shot of assignment  ...