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    Dashboard sorting

    Dee Gee

      My properly-formed (?) data consists of groups of annual membership numbers by location (c3000 locations over 12 years). Location is made of three variables equivalent to State/Town/Location (ie 3000 locations over 400 towns in 50 states). I have a sheet that should produce a chart of members by year for a selected location and I have dashboard filters to select State, then Town, then Location and the outcome of that filtering is visible in the chart sheet - but no actual chart emerges. And then I lost the contents of the filter screens. (At present I'm using a 2-state version of the data to reduce the line count to around 3500 but it should work!). 

      This seems like a fairly-standard sort of output task. Is there a template somewhere?



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          Dee Gee


          I reloaded the dashboard and with a bit of fiddling got the filters to work as required but only once - I can't get them to "re-filter" to show another dataset. (And the chart scaling is proving very unstable. Feels a bit like a roulette tableau!!)