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    Maps - multiple mapdata layers needed

    Christopher McKinnish

      Would anyone know if or how Tableau can do the following


      1. lat/long - area:  shades zip codes to define a specific handling/servicing area (square colored examples below).
      2. lat/long - Volume:  sized circles to define volume of business.  This is based upon user supplied street level lat/long geocode.  (Sized circles below)
      3. lat/long - local facility:  shape to define the handling/service areas primary facility (Red Star below)



      I can bring two lat longs together w/o by using the dual axis maps.  However, I need a third level.   Honestly I do not understand why tableau does not allow you to just add your own static layer to the map layers options. 




      I cannot determine how to do this at all or if it can be done.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          If you can combine all your data into a single table with a single Lat and a single Long column and add a column to ID which are Area, Volume and Local Facility, then this become quit simple. Don't worry if some columns only have nulls from of the different tables. You can hide them.


          The important thing is to consolidate all your lat/long values into a single set.


          Good Luck