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    Joining unrelated Tables within an Oracle DB in Tableau - Skewed Data

    Chris Heizer

      I am fairly new to Tableau and have watched a ton of videos, but am still having issues displaying data the way I need to.  I use Tableau to present Datacenter Capacity information to a customer.  I am connecting into an Oracle database that has multiple tabs that display different types of network capacity data that have been collected from multiple script outputs.  One table displays all of our virtual machine data i.e. Datacenter location, User, Enclave, hostnames, # vCPUs, Mem (GB), datastore sizes, etc...Another table shows some of the related dimension fields i.e. Datacenter location, User, Enclave, Hostnames, but is focused on the physical hardware i.e. # CPUs, # Cores, Amount of Memory, provisioned capacity, etc...  when I try to join the two tables, my data is somehow getting aggregated or skewed when trying to join with a full outer join.  I want to create multiple workbooks within this project.  Some that show VM data and some that show host data and then combine the views into a dashboard.  I'm really lost and need some help!  Thanks!  Chris