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    Line+Bar graph

    Shipra Manchanda



      I am trying to make a very different case in a line+ bar graph.


      I have Capacity in millions  for all months 2015 and till June in 2016.

      I want to plot a graph that has change in capacity for all months and a line graph showing Capacity for previous year(2015) by each month.

      Something like this.



      I have reached uptill the graph below.



      Difference formula:

      if LOOKUP(attr(Year),1) <> 2016  then   - ZN(SUM([Capacity Imps]))

      ELSE LOOKUP(attr(Year),1) = 2016 then LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Capacity Imps])), 1) - ZN(SUM([Capacity Imps])) 


      If I hide 2016 data I get  correct bar values however the line chart just shows dots. Is there a way to correct this?