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    Server Configuration Changes without Downtime and Binding Specific Sites to Specific Workers

    John Abdo

      International Server Admin Tableau User Group (ISATUG)

      Date: 07 Jul 2016 9:00 AM PDT

      Space is Limited to first 100 Attendees - Register Now to Receive WebEx URL



      • Introduction by John Abdo, ISATUG Co-Founder
      • Presentation by Tamas Foldi, Tableau Zen Master
      • Open Q&A with Tamas
      • Closing Remarks

      What you'll learn
      If you know what each Tableau Server component does, you can unlock tremendous possibilities. Taking control of Tableau Server's Gateway traffic management rules you can apply configuration changes without a "hard restart" or downtime, and more importantly, without impacting users. Code for the this "soft restart" will be shared on the ISATUG Github. This is just the beginning. In this session, he will also show some of the more sophisticated configuration tweaks he has deployed at Fortune 500s allowing you to dedicate a specific worker(s) to specific workbooks or users. Here are a few potential questions to get you started:

      • Want to do QA on a dedicated site but not risk impacting production users in other sites all in the same cluster? No problem.
      • Want to give each business group their own dedicated hardware by allocating them their own site? Sure thing.


      Tamas will show you, and it's easier than you think. Participation will be limited to the first 100 attendees due to our GotoMeeting's subscription. You won't want to miss the opportunity to learn and ask questions from the world's foremost expert on Tableau Server. It will be a lot of fun.


      Space is Limited - Register Now to Receive WebEx URL



      About the Speaker - Tamas Foldi, Tableau Zen Master

      During daytime Starschema owner, co-founder & CTO Tamas Foldi leads an army of 100+ Big Data and Data Viz consultants making Starschema a top notch worldwide DevOps provider focusing on large deployments and cutting edge custom made solutions. He never leaves the work field, he is always ready to help his teams to crunch and refine petabytes of data across every continent, every day. As the sun goes down Tamas becomes a Tableau rebel at heart: constantly pushing the limits of Tableau capabilities and helping newcomer developers using Server APIs. He is notorious for thinking out of the box and delivering extreme business value using unique and unconquered solutions. And he does what others rarely do these days: he hacks F.U.N. into Tableau. When not fighting bits and bytes he relaxes with his family, teaches functional programming, rides his longboard in the office and, not to mention, he is a heavyweight Xbox FIFA warrior, too.

      Twitter: @tfoldi
      Blog: Databoss


      Any questions about the upcoming session, contact John Abdo at john@isatug.org.