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    Tableau Server Data Extract Refresh without giving password to server




      I have a group of developers who all need access to a data source that is published to our tableau server.


      The data source is refreshed by the Tableau Server using a sql query and that update runs smoothly to update the data on the tableau server.


      I have a team of analysts who use that tableau-published data source and are all cleared to access the data source and build their own visualizations.


      Each analyst has their own tableau desktop license and works with their own customers and partners to provide visualizations and analyses based on that data.


      I would like the analysts to be able to refresh their extracts of that data source without having to provide the password that allows the sql query to connect to the production oracle data source.


      The data source that provides the data for tableau server to access through the sql query requires a password that is at the admin level on the oracle tables.


      Anytime my analysts want to refresh their extracts, the Tableau server asks for the admin password.


      Is there any way to host that Tableau Server-published data source that my analysts are using and let them refresh without needing that passthrough password for the production oracle source data and the underlying tables?


      Thanks for any advice


      The flow chart is:


      Analyst with desktop license----------->Tableau Server Published Data Source------------->Sql Query with password to oracle tables------------>  Oracle Server Table


      I need an analyst with desktop license to be able to refresh their extract coming from the tableau server published data source without having to type the sql query with password to oracle tables.  That password is built into the automatic refresh on the Tableau server published data source.  


      Thanks All for any suggestions.  I'm hopeful it's somehting to do with the way I published the data source to Tableau server.