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    Pareto 80/20 as a column in a table

    Tim Scheffler

      I am trying to show the top 80% of sales of the underlying data of a Dimension.  I can do this easily in Excel but struggeling in tableau.


      The result should look like this:



      (A) HIGH LIVING - 162355,942269,539
      (B) LUXURY - 162337,113228,751


      Underlying data looks like this (column 8-0/20 is calculated in Excel):



      (A) HIGH LIVING - 162542-240039,117.693%
      (A) HIGH LIVING - 162542-230057,738.545%
      (A) HIGH LIVING - 162542-230067,096.127%
      (A) HIGH LIVING - 162448-7482336,217.869%
      (A) HIGH LIVING - 162438-70118895,420.5211%
      (A) HIGH LIVING - 162425-940435,243.4012%



      How can I achieve this in tableau?






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