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    Multiple reports in Single Dashboard

    priyanka reddy

      I need to create a dashboard which has 10-12 sheets and my dashboard header should look like the above picture..

      Few sheets are Weekly,All Products, All Sales, All States, All Regions,All Cultures,.........

      If I click on Weekly on top of dashboard, I should see the Weekly report below,

      If I click All Products on top of dashboard, I should see All products report below....

      I know I can apply  Story here, but  I cannot remove the New Blank Point and Duplicate sheet, which doesn't look good.

      Can anyone suggest me how to set all reports in a dashboard like above format..


      How to remove blank point and duplicate sheet in Story.

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          Kent Sloan

          Hi Priyanka,


          The duplicate and add new blank point options will not be seen by the end users. So if that is the issue you should be fine with the story board. To test what the user will see go into presentation mode by clicking on the icon along the top right side of the toolbar. You could also build the dashboards separately then give them the same buttons across the top of the dashboard and use action filters to move between the dashboards so that it appears to the user as just changing out the worksheets.