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    SSAS translations and ordering of dimensions on the data pane

    i vittal



      We have translations for dimension names on SSAS cube for English and German languages. Tableau loads the translations correctly by while ordering the dimensions on the "Data" pane on the left of a workbook it does not order alphabetically.

      On the data source tab the field sort order is "A to Z ascending"


      For example, consider 2 dimensions (with remote names) Hospital and Pharmacy. By default the display order is as below

      - Hospital

      - Pharmacy


      When the locale is  "German (Germany)" translations are loaded correctly as "Krankenhaus" and "Apotheke". The dimensions are displayed in the following order:

      - Krankenhaus

      - Apotheke


      But they need to be ordered alphabetically i.e. Apotheke should be before Krankenhaus


      Please, is it possible to order them by translations provided for different locales rather than the remote names?