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    Colour bubbles by growth from prior period


      Hi Tableau Masters


      I am looking to see if the bubbles in a bubble chart can be coloured by calculated growth rates?


      I have been using lookups in line charts and tables (thanks to posts in these forums and elsewhere online).

      These have all been fine, since the values being looked up are shown earlier in the partitions.


      However, the date aspect that I want to lookup is not used in the bubble chart.

      I would be grateful for any views on using calculated growth rates to colour a chart that doesn't otherwise use the date data??


      If I try with lookups or moving averages to return the values corresponding to each period, these no longer work once I remove the underlying measures.

      This makes sense, as Tableau has nowhere in the viz to look back to, but I'm wondering if there's an alternative method to calculate against values not shown.

      I'm thinking at present that I will need to hard calculate the growth vs prior period offline before importing into tableau?

      The plan is to use last 3 months vs prior 3 months.


      Would level of detail be useful for this, or would that still not bridge the gap between excluding values from the chart but being able to use them for the average calcs?


      The solution would perhaps be the same as that used to show growth rates in tables, but not needing to show all of the underlying values used??


      Many thanks!

      I will try and recreate and example using the superstore data, to help explain.