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    Multiple actions in one dashboard applied on another dashboard

    Aakash Udasi

      Hello all,


      Attaching workbook for community to understand what precisely i need.


      Current Facts:

      The workbook has two dashboard:

      1) Dashboard "Summary I" contains statistics of my controls vs risks

      2) Dashboard "Detail Line item" contain detail line items.


      All the sheets on "Summary I" dashboard are linked to each other by way of Action - Filter

      Moreover ONLY  "Processwise summary" sheet is linked to "Detail Line item" dashboard


      What i need:

      With action filter, i am changing visualisation in dashboard I. But when i click on "processwise summary" sheet it takes me to detail line item dashboard WITH NO FILTERS APPLIED ON DASHBOARD OF OTHER SHEETS IN "SUMMARY I" DASHBOARD


      A possible solution i already know:

      I know that for this to happen i need to apply action with all the sheets in Summary Dashboard as source & Detail line item dashboard as target. But this is causing a lot of problem as each time i click on a sheet in Summary dashboard, i am taken to Detail line item dashboard which is very annoying.


      Appreciate if someone suggest a workaround for this situation.