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    When creating groups in a calculated field can you use a Level of Detail field

    Colin Young



      So I created a calculated date using a Level of Detail equation ({FIXED [ID] : MIN([Posted_Date])}. I then used the calculated field in another field to determine the difference between this date and another date using the Datediff function (DATEDIFF('day',[Start_dt],[First_Post])). From this I got a single value for each ID.


      When I now try to create groups in a calculated field with this value (If Delay_period=1 then ' 1 day' etc.) the calculation does not return the correct category for the ID. Each ID has multiple records in the database corresponding to different refresh dates and so each refresh date has both date fields (Start_dt and First_Post) associated with it. The incorrect category seems to correspond to the sum of all "difference" values between the dates.


      Is this a problem with using a level of detail calculation in when you create groups in a calculated field. I have had no problem creating these grouping with the difference from two date fields?