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    Zainab AlFarsi

      I have a column called parameter-1 and a column called well type ,


      I want to get the mean and standard deviation of well type that are negative control and then compare these value to well type compound and see if the compound value greater than 2 standard deviation from the negative control mean.


      I calculated the z-score as follows:


      (AVG([Parameter-1]) - WINDOW_AVG(AVG(If [Well Type] = "negative Control" then [Parameter-1] end)))

              / (WINDOW_STDEVP(AVG(If [Well Type] = "negative Control" then [Parameter-1] end)) )


      but nothing appear in the visualization !!



      attached is the sheet



      Can anybody help please

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          It looks like your calculation is mostly correct, I think the main issue is just

          requires editing of your Table Calculation.


          I think your data needs to be calculated for each Plate Row and Plate Column,

          and so I think those two Dimensions need to be placed on the Detail shelf.

          Then the Index and Score table calculations will needed to be edited to include these two (see picture below).

          I think one other issue is that the check needed to be for "negative control".