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    Actions linked to another dashboard

    Aakash Udasi

      Hello community,


      I have two dashboards in a tableau workbook.


      First dashboard has 4 sheets/visualisation linked to each other by actions. Also all the 4 sheets are linked to sheets of second dashboard in the same work.


      The problem I am facing is that the moment I click  on any visualisation on the first dashboard, it takes me to second dashboard. Then again I have to come back on the first dashboard click on second visualisation/sheet & again taken back to second dashboard & the process repeats till I click on fourth sheet on first dashboard.


      What i need::: >>>> I want action to take me to the second dashboard only when all the visualisation sheets on first dashboard are selected


      Could you please help me out with this.


      Thank you



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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Aakash;


          I suspect you're not the first to ask this question, but my first-pass of the forums didn't seem to strike gold (anyone else?).


          Will the user be "drilling down" in any order { City, Country, State, Zip ==> GO! }

          Or in sequential order { Country, State, City, Zip ==> GO! } ?


          Also-- is it possible to attach a small .twbx of non-sensitive data so that folks in the forum will not only have a clear picture of your issue, but will be able to write & test code to help you out?


          Thanks! --Michael