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    SNA / Ballot Analysis in Tableau

    Gary Molloy

      I have had a cohort of 150 vote nominating 15 preferences, a simplified file is attached.


      The objective is to represent the results graphically showing social connections. Ideally the node is scaled as a function of the number of preferences and arrows show voter relationships. More complex relationship analysis would also be desireable.


      I'm aware as to what is possible in R via igraph and have struggled to even begin in Tableau. Any leads to a worked example? It seems a trivial problem any assistance appreciated.


      File: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21834949/Ballot%20Results.xlsx


      Worked examples by Katherine Ognyanova @Ognyanova on Network Analysis and Visualization bring all this into reach within R but I have not able to make the leap to the analysis required using Tableau.