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    [SOLVED] Filter Value to be reflected in header of Graph

    Vincent Sanchez

      Hi Everyone,


           First off, I'm relatively new to Tableau (I modified a few worksheets about 15 months back and now full on development!) and I got assigned a project where I have several filters that affect an embedded worksheet on my dashboard. The user can use all 4 filters to slice data but the most important is the Date/Time Filter. The Date/Time Filter should allow the user to "drill down" (is that right?) from the Year value to the Quarter value, the Month value and so on. The graph though should reflect that change in the filter in the header. I'm trying to figure it out but I'm having some trouble. Any insight is appreciated! I've included screen shots below!


      Initial Output:



      The default value for the filter is Year to date and the graph shows the year value in the header


      When the user changes to another time, lets say, last four months....


      Actual Output:



      The header in the graph doesn't change. I need for the header to display the Quarter, Month and Year value in the graph:


      Expected Output:



      The graph is drilled down by the filter.


      Is this possible at all or do you think there could be a better approach? I'm open to new ideas concerning this.


      Thank you for your help!