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    how to calculate the bin size

    Zainab AlFarsi



      I want to create a histogram but not sure which bin size is suitable , I searched in the net and I found that Tableau can suggest a bin size accordinf to a formula but the Tableau version I'm using doesn't contain such.


      and I found the following:


      You can click Suggest Bin Size to have Tableau perform the optimizing calculation. 

      The formula that Tableau uses to calculate an optimal bin size is

      Number of Bins = 3 + log2(n) * log(n)                

      In the formula, n is the number of distinct rows in the table. The size of each bin is determined by dividing the difference between the smallest and the largest values by the number of bins.



      the question is how to perform this manually ? since I don't have it in the version I have