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    Dividing each column by a column grand total

    Jon Stoessel

      I know this may seem extremely simple, but sometimes the simple things get lost on me in Tableau.  I am simply trying to create a measure that divides a column in a series of columns by the grand total in that same series of columns.  I have tried several of the formulas for doing so and cannot manage to figure it out.  Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.



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          Yahia Imam

          Hi Jon,


          You can create one calculation using FIXED {Fixed : sum(field)} to calculate the total of the column as an entry on each row. Then use that in a new calculation to divide your desired data by the total of the column. I attached a very simple example. You may need to add a dimension to the fixed formula depending on your data.


          The raw data is in the 'Data' field, Fixed formula in the 'Sum of data' field and the output is under 'Desired output'


          If you upload a sample of your data, I can try to help you out with it.