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    How to only display one link on a line graph?

    Sock Hui Lim


      I'm using Dashboard Action to create links from my line graph to open a new chart in a separate window.

      I managed to do that successfully, but I only want to display one link for each line.


      I currently have 3 lines in my chart.

      I want Line 1 to link to Percentage of No Touch(Automatable) and Line 2 to link to Percentage of No Touch(Ariba).

      But it seems to display both in all lines.

      And I want Line 3 to display nothing.


      Please refer to my screen shots.

      That will help to better explain what I'm trying to achieve.

      I also tried using the value given in the Dashboard but it doesn't work.

      Appreciate any kind of advise.


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          khalid norat

          Actions are specified on a worksheet and not on a datapoint or measure.

          So unfortunately when you are creating your actions they will apply to everything on that worksheet.


          But this would be a great feature to be able to do actions on measures where clicking on a different measure even in the same viz can perform a different action.


          Maybe you should log an idea for this.