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    Filters Help with Multiple sheets: Only include relevant values

    Bradley Warthan

      Could you kindly take a look at this issue and see if there is something I am missing:


      Main points are:

      1. Have a Tableau workbook with two dashboards.   One is a chart view and one is a table view.  
      2. I have filters setup on both the chart and table view for things such as date and dimensions in the data.   The filters in the chart view include only relevant values and work well with the table view in that they are persistent.  If I choose a geography, for instance, it will show up on the table view.
      3. In the table view, I actually have 4 tables (sheets) all in the same dashboard but am using the well-known "hack" called Table display to only show a single table at a time based on a parameter, calculated field, and a filter.   I do this to select something like a daily view vs. a monthly view of data, etc...
      4. Because the table view has 4 separate sheets, each sheet has its own filters for things like geography and date.   I want to check a "only include relevant values" option on these filters so that I can only show data related to one another.   However, this doesn't work right as I'll explain below. 


      Basically, when I select an "include only relevant values" filter on one of the table sheets, it works for a single sheet but when I select another table sheet view (e.g. switch from daily to monthly), the filters show no values and the data is NULL'ed out essentially.


      Any help here is greatly appreciated.