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    Coustomize dynamic bins

    Viresh Kapoor

      Hi Team,



      I am working on a test case where I need dynamic bin/bucket based on filter selected.



      Problem Statement :  Each lab has test cost varying from $1 to $n. For Lab1 the cost of test varies from $1 to $100, so I need the histogram of 10 bins from 0-10,10-20 and so on till 90-10 and the count of test performed.

      For Lab2 the cost varies from $10 to $1000 so for this case the bins must be 0-100, 100-200,...900-100.

      Moreover the bin cannot be like 82.5 it must always be in 10's like  0-10 or 0-20 or 0-80 etc.

      For this I have created a calculated field 'next 100' and did not use the 'bin' feature of tableau.


      Problem: Since the bins created are Dimension the nulls or 0's are missing.


      Is there any approach where I can show value 0 on graph for the bins which doesn't have any value.



      Appreciate your help for this solution.