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    Query for a user filter with option to select other user in quick filter

    Pas Sai

      I have a Order data table which is my primary dataset. The table also has salesperson name and region (East, West, North, South).

      I have another table People with just the salesperson name and region. My dashboard has a quick filter to select salesperson so that I only get to see the selected salesperson data..


      I am trying to create user filter with following features

      1. A salesperson after logging in should be able to see only his/her data on the dashboard

      2. The salesperson should also be able to select other salesperson using the quick filter and see data for the selected salesperson

      3. The quick filter should have only those salesperson which belong to the region of the logged in sales person.


      For the 1st feature, I created a calculated field and used FULLNAME() == [person] as the formula. Then I moved this field to the filter box and selected True. With this however, when I selected other salesperson from the dropdown the dashboard showed no data.


      Note: The salesperson name and region data in available in both tables. So I am fine with a solution which needs accessing salesperson name and region data from either of the tables. Table 2 can also be omitted if the solution doesn't need it.



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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Pas,


          As I could understand, you would like to filter all rows

          of those [Region] which the [person] belongs to.

          This could be done with an aggregate Condition Filter on [Region].


          Steps are:


          1. Create a calculated field, say [person filter], like this:

          IF FULLNAME() == [person] THEN 1 END


          2. Place [Region] on Filter shelf and select options:

          General -> Use all

          Condition -> By formula -> Enter the following calc:

          MIN( [person filter] ) == 1

          Set the filter to Context.


          3. Make a quick filter from [person]. Enjoy.