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    Tableau Workbook is loading infinity

    Shiu Fung Cheung

      Hi all, this case is pending for a long time and Tableau support still checking the problem for me. However, it is pending for a long time......


      My case is one or two workbook take an infinity time to load on the web browser (Chrome). Here is the details of my problem:


      1. Tableau Server is 9.0 on a vCPU 64 and 64GB RAM on a Windows 2012 R2 Server

      2. max. 10 concurrent user using the Tableau, the database size is below 20GB



      - 1 or 2 workbook take a very long time or infinite time to loading a workbook until I restart the Tableau service once. This action need 3 - 4 times per day

      - CPU and RAM loading is below 20%

      - Sometimes, 3 computers are opening the same workbook, 1 of them are able to display in normal speed but the others 2 still loading

      - Sometimes, opening a workbook with IE and Chrome on same computer, IE could display properly while Chrome keep loading

      - I built up another Tableau 9.3 server but the problem remain the same



      Anyone have idea on my case? thank you!!