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    Looking to Learn From Others

    Amber Smart

      Hello OKC Tableau User Group Friends!


      I am checking to see if there are any organizations in OKC that have successfully implemented Tableau Desktop/Tableau Server & have 25 or more team members creating & publishing in Tableau Desktop.


      We are looking to learn from others on how they navigated the process of branding guidelines, training, data governance, data accessibility, etc.


      Let me know if you would be willing to let myself & our database engineer Tanner Corbin pick your brains for a few hours! We don't need to see any confidential data or visuals. Just really wanting to gain some insight into what you've learned in the process and what you would recommend to others who are rapidly growing.


      We would be grateful for any insights or learnings that you'd be willing to share!




      Amber Smart


      405-213-4921 (cell)