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    How to compare aggregate data set with their average on each column?

    Shaw Qian

      Hi all,

      I am new to tableau. For the recent report I got some server response time information for each view and wnat to compare it to the average resoponse time every day. The idea result shoud show red when the point is larger than the average on that day and blue vice versa.


      For the individual points, I used the following calculation:


      SUM(IF [_http_requests_action] = 'bootstrapSession' OR [_http_requests_action] = 'show' THEN

      {fixed[_views_name]:AVG([_http_requests_completed_at (CST)]-[_http_requests_created_at (CST)])}/(1/86400)



      Now how to get the average for each day and set the output graph as color wanted?