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    Dashboard parameters not overriding URL parameters

    Rahul Ahluwalia

      I'm using URL parameters as explained here. As an example, say I have a parameter called ID. In the URL, it'll be something like tableau....com..../?ID=1234. The same ID parameter has show control enabled on the dashboard and shows 1234 once the URL is submitted.


      Here's the issue: if I go the ID parameters on the dashboard and update 1234 to 5678, nothing happens. It only works if I leave it at 5678 and then mess with the URL, but it does not submit the new ID on carriage return.


      Is this a bug or by design? It's a very annoying problem for us so would love to have some suggestions/solutions to fix.



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          From my experience, the web page object should update anytime a parameter value that is used in the URL is updated.  One thing that can trip it up is if your parameter is set to show as "Type In" (aka free text), but the parameter properties are set to "List" (instead of "All").  When this is the case, you can free text something into the parameter box and press enter, but it doesn't actually set the parameter value unless the text you entered is on the list in the parameter properties.


          If you're still having the issue after double checking your parameter properties, please post a sample workbook.


          Hope this helps,