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    Plotting Three Timelines on the Same Axis

    Stephanie Beadman

      Hi all,


      I'm having some trouble plotting three timelines on the same axis. I've attached my workbook here.


      I'd like my final output to be a grouped bar chart. For each year and month, I'd like to know how many patients were Under Management, On Therapy, and had a Case Open.


      The way I have been going about this is as follows:

      - Make a calculated field for the count of each of Under Management, On Therapy, and Case Open

      - Plot the timeline for one of the measures (year, month) in the columns and the measures (Under Management, On Therapy, Case Open) in the rows


      However when I do this, the output is incorrect for two of the three measures. I think this is because I can only put one of the three timelines under columns, so Tableau calculates the dates of the other two as a function of the date in columns.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!